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Our Services are Designed and Priced for Small Websites and Online Shops


One Time On-Page SEO Optimization

Adapting your website to Google requirements for better visibility in the long run. Think “mobile first”


Website Maintenance

for quick fixes or adding desired functionality, we’ll have it done in 24 hours (or 48 if for functionality). One time or monthly subscription plan. You pick. Click here to subscribe.

Website Optimization: Why Do I Need It?


If your competitor’s website is at the top of the search results page while yours is somewhere at the bottom – you might just as well not have a website at all and start giving out flyers on the street.


Website Optimization: Q & A


What is one example of things Google is looking for in a website in order to display it in its search results?

Your homepage should have at least 350 words in order to be favorably seen by Google crawlers.

What else is Google looking for?

In order to be ranked on Google your homepage has to display trust signals as well as case studies.

What is Google looking for in navigation?

Google rewards sites that have site-wide navigation that is the same on each page.

Why is ranking important?

It is important so you don’t pay for ads all your life. Contact us for free website audit.

I've got tons of back links, that sure must do the trick.

Hardly. In our experience backlinks are no longer as important as before.

What are housekeeping pages and why does Google look for them?

Google awards pages that have “housekeeping links” such as About Us, Contact Us and so on.

How important are colors on the site?

Extremely. Different colors appeal different audience. Can you imagine a banking site in pink, yellow and brown colors with peach logo in Comic Sans font??

– Yeah, exactly.

My site is not mobile friendly. How problematic is that?

70% of users are accessing your site on mobile. Think about that.

Website Optimization: What is the cost?

One time fee of $89: Once we conduct the free audit and come up with recommendations, we charge a fee to implement those recommendations.




Get Started

Paid Advertising: What are you going to do for me?

Create Ads and Show Them on Google

We’ll optimize your ads to show in Google search and display network. We’ll submit your website to be indexed and crawled by Google for better searchability.

Optimal Advertising Strategy

We will research your business and your competition, your products and services which will ultimately help us define your target audience.

Expand Your Reach via Social Media and YouTube

We’ll advertise in places where your target audience frequents most.

Conclusion: Be Found or Lose Business

If you’re not being found in Google search you’re likely missing out on a significant number of sales from prospective customers. 

In conclusion: be found fast or bite the dust of those who were faster.

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